Feb 6
Credit Passport for SMEs in Vicenza: 8 out of 10 have good credit quality


Data show that only 2.2% are in the very critical class and 4.2% in the low class. «The photograph returned by this analysis – explains Alberto Nardi, Confindustria’s Head of Credit and Finance at Confindustria Vicenza – is clear: the model of the Vicenza and Veneto media company, which does research and innovation and is very international, is a winner. In fact, 56.1% of companies fall into the merit class A (A ++, A + and A). 79.8% are among the bankable ones (which also includes class B). We also observe a certain homogeneity: there are no particular differences in data between sector and sector and not even a particularly close correlation between company size and rating ».

Even before the banking crisis – but with recurring credit crunch phases – the Vicenza area has developed the tool called Credit Passport, a report that measures the probability of insolvency of the company and illustrates in a clear and transparent manner the elements that the determine. The service – on which the latest data processing was based – uses cutting-edge analysis technology from Credit Data Research (CDR), a London-based company that also uses Moody’s Analytics algorithms. Basically, the result is the combination of two fundamental components for the analysis of creditworthiness: the financial component and the central risk. The survey offered to companies by Confindustria Vicenza is based only on the financial component, ie on the analysis of balance sheet data deposited in the Chamber of Commerce and therefore public (as opposed to the central risk). “We are aware of the increasingly crucial role of credit rating in relations with banks, but also with customers and supply chain suppliers, especially foreign ones – emphasizes Bragagnolo – Today there are 1,080 companies associated with Credit Passport. An impressive work, which gave us back the survey data that positively photographs our manufacturing fabric ».


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