Sep 12
Confindustria Vicenza and Banco Desio agreement: 10 million euro credit rates with Credit Passport


New credit lines on favourable terms, Credit Passport. This is the agreement between the Confindustria Vicenza and Banco Desio, which will allow the companies associated with Confindustria Vicenza to access, at agreed rates, a ceiling of 10 million euros for investment funding up to a maximum of 500,000 euros lasting up to 5 years.
In addition, for the first time in Vicenza territory, Credit Passport will be recognized as an ‘enabling factor’, a tool that measures the probability of a company’s default and the elements that determine it, enabling a clear and transparent credit profile. A better knowledge of their ‘health’ status, an instrument to enhance their creditworthiness. Those who will present the Credit Passport will, in fact, enjoy an important discount on the cost of the loan.
“As early as 2014,” said Mirko Bragagnolo, Confindustria Vicenza’s delegated finance, “we have initiated the agreement with the London-based Credit Data Research, which produce the Credit Passport report, to offer our associates not only a reliable and structured report for an analysis but also an instrument to improve access to credit, visibility on foreign markets and trade relations. Now this economic recognition by Banco Desio confirms the goodness of choosing to have a transparent and third analysis. In order to make the whole process faster and more efficient, our Credit and Finance Area is at our disposal for both the Credit Passport and for accessing this new major credit line. ”
“The Banco Desio – says Silvio Di Lucanardo, head for the region Veneto – is an institution that has always been attentive to the needs of businesses that make up the local business fabric. That is why the recently signed agreement with Confindustria Vicenza represents a natural manifestation of this proximity, even in a non-historic geographical area for our Bank. In the current economic phase, we believe it is indispensable to continue to have a good dialogue with businesses to deal with and with confidence the challenges posed by competition in markets. ”

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