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Credito al Credito 2015




Credit Data Research is pleased to invite you to attend the conference on

November 25-26, 2015, Palazzo Altieri – Rome

Credito al Credito 2015

Annual Convention on lending to people and businesses of ABI and ABIEventi. This unmissable event, which is a merger of two conferences – the first on the Family Credit and the second on Credit to Companies – into one big opportunity to meet, exchange and networking, is the ideal opportunity to share analysis, best practices, experience among industry leaders. Important representatives of the institutions and the banking and business meet here to take stock of the essential function of the credit for the development of the economy, including through the comparison between the Italian and international experiences, tracing the lines of evolution of the industry in the coming years.


Speakers at the event are the main players and experts in the national and international institutions, national and European, Italian and foreign banks, consulting firms, rating, insurance, financial agents, consumer organisations, law firms and leading companies market.

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