Jul 19
Open Banking is coming. Credit Data Research is one of the 20 most innovative companies


It is with great pleasure that we are announcing that Credit Data Research won the participation to the Open Up Challenge. Nesta, a global innovation foundation, awarded Credit Data Research as one of the 20 most innovative companies to develop next-generation services, apps and tools that will create game-changing value for UK small businesses and banks.

“We thank Nesta Foundation, the Competition Market Authority and UK Banks, we are incredibly proud of this award. Focusing on Innovating the financial system, partnering with banks as a third-party provider in the SMEs segment is at the core of our mission” says Alessio Balduini CEO of Credit Data Research. “Real-time access to granular credit information — which open banking and PSD2 enable — will transform the SME lending market.”

“PSD2 represents an important opportunity to better serve financial institutions and small and medium-sized businesses.” says Carlo Spagliardi, CEO of Credit Data Research | ITA. “Credit Data Research’s support to SMEs in Italy and in Europe will leverage greatly on this new technology. The new services offered will add more value and relevance to banks and SMEs opening multiple business opportunities.”

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